Yankee Jim's Opinion

Prop 19 is "Counter-Pot legi$lation"
~ It's "Counter-Pot Legi$lation"

by Yankee Jim.

Prop 19 is "Counter-Pot legi$lation"

I say triple the taxe$$$ on Alcohol and Tobacco
*("also for recreational u$e") and I suggest legislators make us a law that prohibits all God's universal medicines like Marijuana from ever appearing in a liquor store or convenience store. Keep it in the medicine cabinate where it belongs. Re-direct the profit motivated interests and focus on the failing Prison industrys. It's as simple as that. Prisons are for punishing real criminals and shouldn't be used for overcrowding by fabricating redundant laws. *(marijuana prohibition) These laws serve only to pack the prison by overcrowding them. We all know it's the head count that brings income to the prison so why would we think that those who make their income and those who profit from this over-crowding is ever going to honestly vote for the so called "legalization of Marijuana"? *(don't get me wrong! Half dozen of my friends are correctional officers) But I'd have to say that Proposition 19 guarantees them all job security. *(it's got so much prohibition attached to it) "7" years in the penetentury for the possession of just one joint? Someone please show me anytime in history or another country who's laws are so tight and they call that "legalization" ~ proposition 19? B!S! All this prohibition is hiding behind the disguize of "protecting our children" more B!S! our musical hero Jerry Garcia started smoking marijuana at the age of 12. Josh Ke**y smoked at 5 years old. (I dont advocate smoking at any age.) A New York Hippy's son, Josh Ke**y has been said to be now a member of the U.S.A.'s Delta Force. *(I guess the C.I.A. didnt care of Josh Ke**y smoked at 5 years old did they?) Smoking isn't the only way a medicine can be used. ~ Proposition 19 is Profit Motivated " Counter-Pot legi$lation" Proposition 19 and the city and county legislation instigated currently by the proposed mistitled "Legalization of Marijuana" is what I call "Counter-Pot legislation" or "Anti-Pot legislation" and leads to more grief than the laws it claims to "free" the marijuana user from previous in justices. *WRONG! In all due respect to the principles of Government individual Municipality are turning back intelligence to prior ignorant postulations that were introduced to the Public by such propagandists as those liars that composed and produced the Movies and phamplets back in the 30's, designed to scare the general public into beleaving all associated with Marijuana are criminals profiting from "dirty" business, and those who patronize this "dirty" product are low life types, hence the recent city government legislation that proposes to move Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to Industrial districts and away from residential neighborhoods and other City and county Governments that pass laws requiring growers to hide their crops from view. The existing laws and supportive legislation that emphasizes criminality for exposure to children under the age of 21. It appears that most of the "counter-pot legislation" is composed by those who are far removed from any personal real knowledge or experiance with this mirical of nature given to mankind by God. After nearly fifty continuous years of saturation smoking marijuana, I say to the Marijuana opponent categorically that if you "MUST!" call Marijuana a "drug" that its is a "Miracle" drug that doesn't have a three to five thousand percent price increase on active ingredients as does nearly ALL the phoney very dangerous drugs endorsed for public use by the "Food and Drug Administration". *WARNING! Stop putting your faith in the profiteering Quack! Medical system that has been ripping off American citizens throughout it's history of pushing chemicals ".

"Quack!Quack!Quack!" Read: "Thousands of bottles of industrial bleach have been sold across New Zealand"..... *(and undoubtedly the United States)....."as a miracle cure for cancer and HIV, sparking a health warning. Medsafe, a Health Ministry business unit, said consumers should immediately stop taking Miracle Mineral Solution, or MMS, which could cause "severe harm to health".Medsafe said it had followed an international precedent, including the United States Food and Drug Administration's lead, in issuing the warning. The FDA issued its warning in July, and Medsafe has copied the wording of its United States counterpart to detail the issues...." from the latest New Zealand Herald. ~ -------------------------------- ~ Natures own "MIRACLE DRUG" ~ I consume on an average of nearly 1/8th ounce of MARIJUANA each and every day. During the "illegal years" I smoked much more. I have NO cancer. Many people fear the high prices demanded by the growers and distributes of Marijuana, however with a little comparative investigation will reveal that the established drug industry has been criminally exploiting the public for more years than anyone has been alive. No one was ever over charged for Marijuana. Not even the gangs and pushers ever did in the days of years past or even with todays high distribution costs, no one can show me a 5000 % markup on anything to do with Marijuana. I challenge the Marijuana opponents to show me how for instance what the phoney drug Valporic acid costs the patient. AND just "WTF" is Valporic acid suppose to do for anyone but the company that produced it and sold it. It IS the most misprescribed drug on the market being sold to unsuspecting victims by thousands of criminal AMA doctors who prescribe it to unsuspecting patients (victims) An SSI doctor of Shasta county California cost me a lifetime of impared vision because of his mis-prescription of Valporic acid to me. With literally thousands of phoney manufactured hints to recovery that costs a fortune over the counter or *presribed by doctors who "guess and cut" and never studied anything but "party" all the way through doctors colleges on the vast decedant college social circles they most of them dont deserve a certificate from academic sources. They all have to have a palacious office and a huge harem to support. Look at them. Count how many over-kept painted women run the desks in front of the faker you are paying. STOP paying him cancel your appointments and speak out against drug exploitation. The phoney legislative attempts to solve healthcare problems STILL, after all these years of public knowledge of heavy drug explotation have done nothing at all to reduce the unjustified high cost of drugs. MARIJUANA has always been my "drug of choice" as it helps me think straight, stay at the job, work hard at whatever I am doing and puts me to sleep when I want sleep. It increases my appetite, it eases my pains. It permits me to see the brighter side of things. It gives me a fresh view of my compositions. It offers me a readily acceptable gift of peace offering. It has a calming effect uppon a group of upset people if shared at the right moment. I know mechanics that wont work on a machine till after they smoked their joint of Marijuana. I know of at least one employer who has instructed an out of sorts employee to go home and smoke a joint and come back to him a useful designer. Lets get real about these things. In the early to mid-1960's "Road and Track magazine" did a marijuana influenced drivers test and found that AFTER SMOKING marijuana every driver drove better and got higher scores than before the driver smoked the marijuana.